Little Saigon

Where My Story Begins

This is where my story begins

The Fall of Saigon not only marked the end of US involvement in the Vietnam War, but also forced the migration of thousands of displaced Vietnamese peoples to America in search of safety and new opportunities. Although this displacement seemed intimidating with all of the unknowns that come with seeking refuge in a new country, it led to the creation of a united community whose influence can still be felt to this day.


We are the children and grandchildren of these strong-willed immigrants, and together, our community represents courage, endurance, and adaptation, but also kindness, sympathy, and support. We want to preserve these ideas and breathe life into the culture, history, and identity of our community through design, art and fashion so as to pass them down to future generations.

THE RISE OF Little Saigon

To preserve the culture and history of the Vietnamese American community through art, fashion and food.

Traditional media has already propelled the popularity of Vietnamese cuisine, putting many Vietnamese-owned establishments on lists of renowned restaurants around the country. Food Network and Anthony Bourdain on CNN have helped push the culture of our community to the forefront of popular culture.

Social media will play an integral role in highlighting the heritage of the Vietnamese community in Little Saigon and help spread our story.  Our fashion projects will interact with food and culture allowing us to tell our story to a not only a new generation of Vietnamese Americans, but to the general population as well.